Little SCIENCE Thinkers Unit 3: Properties

Hey all! 
This blog post is going to explain all about Unit 3 in the 
Little SCIENCE Thinkers Curriculum!

Little SCIENCE Thinkers  is a complete curriculum specifically for Kindergarten
It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your kinder friends. 
It is cross-referenced and aligned to the main topics of state Kindergarten Social Studies Standards as well as NGSS. 
This curriculum is 100% researched, written and created by me (and I can promise you that I never hire people to create my curriculum...which is why I appreciate your patience in the time it takes me to write these units!).
It contains everything you need in a neat, organized package.
It's totally teacher friendly and student-approved! 

I'm going to walk you through the format of the entire curriculum. First, let's look at the units.

The four-week unit is meant to be taught three times per week with 30-minute lessons. I know that your time is valuable and you need to make the most of every minute, so each lesson is jam packed with content and engagement
The lessons are quick-paced, written in teacher language, and Kinder-friendly. You could give these plans to a sub or student teacher, and there would be no question as to what they need to do! It's all there for you.

Here are the components of the unit.

Print and use *complete* lesson plans:

A full Teacher Guide to help you plan and teach.

EIGHT Texts are INCLUDED for read-alouds:

6 Science Stations:

Essential Question and Learning Targets for each lesson 
that can be posted on a Focus Wall:

Anchor Charts and TONS of materials and activities to guide your teaching: 

Student Workbook with activities to follow most lessons, with directions and activities written in kinder-friendly language

A COMPLETE UNIT Powerpoint to guide your teaching during EACH and EVERY Lesson!
Pull up the PowerPoint on your Smart Board or on a projector:

Kinder-appropriate Assessment and Rubric:

I can assure you that this curriculum is VERY easy to use. Just print and teach! 

-----------Find the FULL CURRICULUM HERE!------------

As always, let me know if you have any questions! 

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