Little SCIENCE Thinkers!

Hey all! 
This blog post is going to explain all about my brand new curriculum called 
Little SCIENCE Thinkers !

Little SCIENCE Thinkers is a complete Science curriculum specifically for Kindergarten
It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your kinder friends. 
It is cross-referenced and aligned to the main topics of state Kindergarten Social Studies Standards as well as NGSS. 
This curriculum is 100% researched, written and created by me (and I can promise you that I never hire people to create my curriculum!). It contains everything you need in a neat, organized package.
It's totally teacher friendly and student-approved! 

I'm going to walk you through the format of the entire curriculum. First, let's look at the units.
UNIT 1: Our Senses
UNIT 2: Seasons and Weather
UNIT 3: Properties
UNIT 4: Plants
UNIT 5: Animal Life Cycles
UNIT 6: Force & Motion

Unit 1 is now complete and available here. Let's take a closer look at what is included!

senses unit for kindergarten

Here is the breakdown of the major components of each unit. 
The four-week unit is meant to be taught three times per week with 35-minute lessons. I know that your time is valuable and you need to make the most of every minute, so each lesson is jam packed with content and engagement
The lessons are quick-paced, written in teacher language, and Kinder-friendly. You could give these plans to a sub or student teacher, and there would be no question as to what they need to do! It's all there for you.

Here are the components of the unit:

senses unit for kindergarten

A full Teacher Guide to help you plan:

science unit for kindergarten

NINE Texts are INCLUDED for read-alouds:

Print and use *complete* Lesson Plans:

Parent Letter:

Essential Question and Learning Targets for each lesson 
that can be posted on a Focus Wall:

Anchor Charts and TONS of materials and activities to guide your teaching: 


Student Workbook with activities to follow each lesson:

Directions and activities written in kinder-friendly language

Quick Checks for every lesson to check for understanding:

A COMPLETE UNIT Powerpoint to guide your teaching during EACH and EVERY Lesson!
Pull up the PowerPoint on your Smart Board or on a projector:

Kinder-appropriate Assessment and Rubric:

I can assure you that this curriculum is VERY easy to use. Just print and teach! 

--------------Find UNIT 1 HERE!--------------

*This curriculum will not be sold in a growing/pre-order bundle. The units will be posted as I complete them and offered for a discount for the first 48 hours so that you can get the bundle pricing without waiting! Thanks so much!*

As always, let me know if you have any questions! 

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