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I'm here to tell you a little bit about Reading Kits!

guided reading for kindergarten

Reading Kits are a fun way to incorporate repeated practice in skills that are at each student's Guided Reading Level.  Each level will contain task cards that address targeted skills and tasks that are specifically designed to support students at their reading level and assist them in moving on to the next level.

reading kits

These Reading Kits are designed to work alongside my Guided Reading Curriculum. The skills and word work practice in each leveled set is specifically made to work alongside each level in my curriculum. 

These versatile reading kits can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom. Use them as a center activity, with teacher support as an intervention, as an early finisher task, or even in your Guided Reading groups… the possibilities are endless! 

reading kits

guided reading level b

 guided reading kits kindergarten

A little bit about setup.... it's seriously easy. I wanted to make sure that these kits were something you could prep quickly and put to use right away.

My kits are organized using these rainbow containers from The Container Store.  You could also store the materials in manila envelopes if you don't want to purchase an organizer case.

 Setup is as easy as copying and taping in the container labels, copying, cutting and putting the task cards on a ring clip, and copying and stapling the student Tracker booklets. That's it! 

guided reading, kindergarten 

Each kit contains 2 different sets of 24 task cards per level.... 48 in all. The tasks and recording booklets are specific to each reading level and can be used for independent or partner work, centers, or in your small groups.  The recording booklets and tasks will change and progress with each level.

reading kits level a

The LEVEL A KIT includes practice in these skills:
Beginning sounds
Concepts of Print
Sight Words

The LEVEL B Kit includes practice in:
Beginning and Ending Sounds
Decoding with Picture Clues
1:1 Tracking and Predictable Sentences
Sight Words

The LEVEL C Kit includes practice in:
Phoneme Segmentation
Discriminating between vowel sounds
Attending to print
Word families
Capitalization and punctuation
Sounds in words
Reading dialogue

The LEVEL D Kit includes practice in:
Substituting phonemes
Attending to print
CVCe/Long Vowels
Long vowel word families
Word Endings (ed/ing)
L/R/S Blends
CVC Sentences
Sight Words
Story Elements (F)
Details in a Text (NF)

If you'd like to purchase the KINDERGARTEN GROWING BUNDLE of  Reading KITS that will include Levels A-E, you can grab that here for a discount! 

The price will increase as each new pack is added. If you purchase at the buy-in, you'll get all additional packs for free, just redownload the file on your Teachers Pay Teachers account. 


Little Thinkers Social Studies UNIT 5: OUR WORLD

Hey all! 
This blog post is going to explain all about the last unit in my
Little Thinkers Social Studies Curriculum for Kindergarten.
Unit 5: Our World teaches kids all about basic world geography and where their place is in the world!

If you are not familiar with Little Thinkers Social Studies, it is a complete Social Studies curriculum specifically for Kindergarten
It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your kinder friends. 
It is cross-referenced and aligned to the main topics of the
Kindergarten Social Studies Standards of many different U.S. states. 
It contains everything you need in a neat, organized package.
It's totally teacher friendly and student-approved! 

 Here is an outline of all of the units in the complete curriculum:
UNIT 3: Holidays Around the World  (Click here to learn about Unit 3)
I'm going to walk you through UNIT 5: OUR WORLD so that you can take a closer look at everything.  This unit teaches about positional words, maps and map symbols, the globe, our continents, our oceans, our country, and where our place is in the world.

our world unit, world unit for kindergarten

This is a complete unit that consists of twelve 35-minute scripted lessons. I know that your time is valuable and you need to make the most of every minute, so each lesson is jam packed with content and engagement
The lessons are quick-paced, written in teacher language, and Kinder-friendly. You could give these plans to a sub or student teacher, and there would be no question as to what they need to do! It's all there for you.

Here are the components of the unit:

12 Complete, Scripted Lesson Plans:

our world unit for kindergarten

A full Teacher Guide to help you plan.

Read Alouds: 9 printable nonfiction books that are included!

Essential Question and Learning Targets for each lesson 
that can be posted on a Focus Wall:

Anchor Charts, a Parent Letter, and TONS of materials and activities to guide your teaching: 

Student Workbook with activities to follow each lesson:

Directions and activities written in kinder-friendly languageQuick Checks for every lesson to check for understanding. 

A COMPLETE UNIT Powerpoint to guide your teaching during EACH and EVERY Lesson!
Pull up the PowerPoint on your Smart Board or on a projector:

world unit for kindergarten

Kinder-appropriate Assessment and Rubric:

I can assure you that this curriculum is VERY easy to use. 
Here's what some other teachers have to say about it.  Just print and teach! 

All of my units are on sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


As always, let me know if you have any questions! 

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