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Writing goals

In Kindergarten, we spend the first half of the year teaching about the basic mechanics of storytelling and writing.... that our pictures and ideas can tell a story!

Once we learn these basics, we start to hone our skills one skill at a time. We begin with correct capital usage, learn to use finger spaces, use sight words in our writing, about the different kinds of punctuation, and really practice stretching out our words.  After all of these skills are taught and practiced, I assess who needs to work on what and keep track of their goals on this chart:

I conference with a different table of 4-5 students each day. We talk about their goal, and I look back to previous days work to see if they are applying the skill independently. If so, we decide on a different goal. Nothing scientific, but it works and its easy for Kinders to understand! At the wrap-up of each lesson, I ask them to assess whether or not they met their goal on that given day. They give a quick thumbs up/thumbs down. The chart itself is super simple to make, and I just use post-its cut in half for their names. Easy peasy!


  1. I absolutely love the Writing Goals chart! I may make a similar one for reading with my 2nd Graders. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the writing goals chart, too! We SO need that right now! Making one this week!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. One more great idea to add to my growing list! An anchor chart for writing is so simple and such an easy reference for students! Thanks for your Bright ideas!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  4. The mini post its are sooo perfect for this!! Love it!

  5. Love how easy that looks... and it would be so easy to move their names! What a great visual!
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  6. Great post, Karen! Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs, Rios Teaches Second Grade

  7. I am in SERIOUS.LUB. with the goals poster!!! Pinning it to my own board and also to the Teachers on Pinterest Literacy board. xoxoxo
    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  8. I LOVE the writing goals chart! By far the best I've seen! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Reading your post makes me miss teaching the little ones!

  10. I love your chart of goals. I want to try that in the future.


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