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Opinion Writing Ideas + Other Wintery Stuff

This week we forge ahead into our next writing unit... opinion writing! In Kindergarten we start with basic sight word sentences like the ones on my anchor chart, really focus in on what star writers do (spacing, correct capital usage, punctuation, etc.) and then begin to expand our writing using extra supporting details. I really love this unit because I feel like they begin to get it and feel success. Narrative is fun, but I think its so hard for them right at the beginning of the year to stretch their thinking and ideas across many pages. Anyhoo, opinion is where its at! We like to tell our friends how we feel about things ANYWAYS, so it seems more like "talking" which I think the kids relate to.

Last year I posted about my Question Jar and how I use it in our opinion writing unit. Click the photo to take you back to that post where you can get a free download of my opinion writing prompts and some other things!

In other news...
EEEK! For real. Like T-minus 21 days! 

Our directed reindeer drawing came from ARTventurous' blog! Adorbs, right!?


  1. We just found your blog! Love the reindeer. We too are working on opinion writing. The children are getting better at it everyday. We are finding that some of them struggle with their because part at times. We try to get them to expand their thinking past the "because I like it" response. This is difficult for some of them, but we are improving every day! We are so glad to have found you and can't wait to read more!
    Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

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