November 2013 - Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Phonics goodies!

Hey ya'll! I want to share a little goody that has truly been a labor of love. Seriously, sometimes...when you are working on a unit there are times when your eyeballs feel like they are going to burn up and just can't look at it for one more second! This was NOT the case. I just LOVED making this ULTIMATE Printable Phonics Pack so much that the wheels are already spinning on a math printable pack. :)  It contains SO many print-and-use activities that are ready to go with no prep work required... and covers everything, beginning and ending sounds, syllables, rhyming words, short vowels, long vowels, CVC words, CVCe words, R/L/S blends, beginning and ending digraphs... shew! Over 80 interactive pages where all you need are some crayons, scissors and glue! Easy peasy!

Anywhoo... we are working really hard at recognizing beginning and ending sounds and stretching out words when we write. I even started using Stretchy Snake Words WAAAY sooner than I did last year... (so far with just short a words) and the kids are rockin' it! We are working on learning about all the different sounds that letters make... like the hard and soft c sounds this week!

Enjoy your week everyone! :)
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