June 2013 - Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

A Freebie and a Sticker Book

Hey all! Happy Summer! We are off to a busy start over in the Jones household... this week is packed full of outings, appointments, and parties! Not to mention tomorrow I am meeting one of my bloggy friends, Gina from All Things Algebra for lunch! Super excited :) 

Since its never too early for back to school, I have a little fun freebie to share to help your littles practice upper and lowercase letter matching.

And along with that, another Back to School goodie to help your little friends keep track of their progress! It's a nice little tool to keep parents informed of how their little peeps are doing and give them an idea of things they could work on. This Basic Skills Sticker Book tracks a range of skills-- personal information, name writing, letter and sound ID, reading readiness, number recognition, counting, shapes, colors, and self help skills...all packed in to one cute little sticker book!  I made the full size version for my little Brady boy, but it also comes in a mini version that can be secured with a ring clip. You can grab that here at my TpT store. 
Keep it cool! :)

End of Year GIfts

Short and sweet post alert: Tomorrow is our end of year party! I am so, so sad to see this year end...but so, so happy for SUMMER! I just need to get through report cards, oh wait those are done.. permanent folders,  (done too), end of year tests, CHECK! end of year projects, SEE YA! slideshow, (FINITO) and class gifts (YOU KNOW IT!)  Wait... could it be!? I'm ready!!!!

Okay, so I still have a little teeny huge bit of cleaning and organizing to do, but that's neither here nor there.

Looking for some cute gifts for support staff? Who doesn't love a Target gift card? And some lifesavers in a nice cup to keep your adult beverages cold on a hot summer day?

And I was at a loss for what to get the kids, until I found these at the Target Dollar Spot (you know, the bottomless money pit). Slap a cute label on it, and call it a day!
You can download the label here (I included first, second, and third grade-- so suit yourself :))

Last Friday is tomorrow.... HOLLA! :)

Word Wall Makeover!

So, we still have 2 weeks left of school and I am already revamping my classroom for next year. My co-teacher was teasing me the other day because I already have a bunch of stuff laminated and copied for back to school....It's never too early to start getting ready for next year though, right??  
Exhibit A: My new rainbow polka dot word wall. 
I am going for a rainbow theme next year for my classroom, and this was step 1. I just love me some polka dots, and the detail with the frames. Whaddya think? If you REALLY like them and want to snag them for your classroom, you can get them here.

So, are you OCD too and already prepping for next year with your current class still going strong? Please tell me I'm not alone! :)

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