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Five for Friday

Hey all! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their...
...5 randoms for the week.  (Yes, stop the presses, because this is my 3rd blog post this week...definitely a record.)

Did you see my post about our "Opposites" bulletin board in honor of Steve Swinburne's visit to our school next week? 
Well, it's been creating quite the stir. I have to say its been my most complimented/questioned hallway display all year. Even more than the snow globes or the Dr. Seuss one. Mainly people asking how I made the pictures look like that. Wanna know the secret? Click here


The kids are now officially OBSESSED with this brain break. I hate it because the second the song starts it gets glued into my brain all day. See, like I just had to put the video in this post and now I can't stop humming it. 

3. My husband is sick. Ladies, you all know what that means (cue dramatics). BUT I have to say, this time-- I am giving him a lot of credit. He's been on his deathbed, but still able to get Brady to Preschool, and keep the house semi-clean (I hope) for Reese's speech teacher. 

4. It's that time again.

So, you know where I'll be. Surfing blogs Wasting time on Pinterest  taking naps Parked in front of my computer while the kids make a mess play nicely and amuse themselves. 

5.  Which leads me to my last random. Did you see the background from that graphic above?  Well, if you know me, you know I LOVE glitter. But digital glitter? Even better. I am obsessed with Glitter Meets Glue Design. She has gorgeous clipart, backgrounds, and borders. And everything is glittery. No sticky fingers and no could you go wrong? (sorry color printer)
I mean... is this not gorgeous?  Check her store out!


  1. Yeah...I know what you mean about a sick hubby. The worst...
    I am going to have to become friends with all of that digital glitter. I can't decide if I'm happy that I know about it or not because I am going to have to buy it all!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  2. Hi Karen. We'll be working on our report cards soon too! It's so easy to get distracted on other things like blogging or Pinterest because we are already on the computer doing our report cards! Hope you can stay on track to get a lot accomplished!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. AND, I have to say I am totally 100% empathetic to you right now with report card writing. It is the worst time of year in my world! Someone wise told me to drink wine while writing. Good advice :)

    Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain

  4. Yes!!! Wine has definitely helped! :)

  5. My classes have loved the Gummy Bear song! My TA heads out the door when it comes on!

    My Kinder-Garden


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