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snowy things

Don't you love when you can connect with a book? We have been learning about how books can make us think of other books (text-to-text) as well as things that have happened in our own lives (text-to-self).  This week, we have been reading the oldie-but-goodie "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keates, and talking about making text-to-self connections. I mean, we did just get a foot of snow last week, right?! :)

We came up with this little symbol to show when we connect with a page or part of a story.

and we had lots of fun writing about our connections. Look at these cool snow globes we made!

On other news... we are starting our 6 week vowels unit! Hip hip, hooray!  We have lots of fun activities and centers planned to help us learn. We are learning about word families, and... really starting to read! It is so much fun to be in Kindergarten in January :)

Teachers, click here to find the materials I created to use in my vowel literacy centers.

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