October 2012 - Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Literacy Centers

Some updates from our classroom.... last week we started our Literacy Center rotations, and the kids have been LOVING it!  I decided to do mini-groups of 3, and we do 2 rotations per day. I made these new labels for one of my pocket charts (teachers you can find the labels here) but then changed it up and transferred all of the files to my smart board. Love that even more! Now with a little finger, I can switch the centers around. Can you say easy peasy?  Here's the pocket chart way:
And the Smart board way. (*Update-- I've had some questions about sharing this Smart Notebook File. I jerry-rigged this setup on my smartboard for my classroom use, but I can't share it because I can't give away unsecured clipart. The labels are only available in the above format. Sorry!**)

 Magnetic words with the beginning sounds we were practicing last week:

And these are the "Magic Reading Wands" that we are using for our poetry center. 
They REALLY help us read our poems better. :)
Have a great week everyone!

We are writers & readers

We are learning about things that writers and illustrators do... and we are becoming them ourselves!  In Reader's Workshop, we have learned different ways to "read" our favorite read-aloud stories with our reading buddies, and are adding real things we can read to our book boxes every week. So far we have our poetry journal, class name chart, Brown Bear book, alphabet linking chart, a sight word book, and one of our letter books. We are beginning to learn "popcorn" (sight) words and are using them in our writing and reading now!

In Writer's Workshop, we are learning how to be just like our favorite authors. Here is our anchor chart for what we can do when we write.

Triplet sandwich!

I am lucky to have 3 of the sweetest triplets I have ever met in my class this year!  We couldn't help the photo op today... as one of my lovely aides and myself made a little *triple decker* LES sandwich!


Writer's workshop

Our writer's workshop is now in full swing.. and can I just say I <3 Kindergarten writing!  I love the stories the kids tell with their pictures and we are getting better and better at labeling. The kids are learning to strrrrrrrrrrretch their words out and write sounds that they hear.

This student wrote about going to church (TRC-- backwards :) and playing. LOVE the details in the illustrations and the labels for
"me" and plants!

Once we *really* get into writing, my kids love being "super star writers."  I made this poster to help us remember all the things great writers do.

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