Concentration!!!! - Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten


I just love this picture!  This is day 5 of kindergarten and they are FOCUSED!
It might have something to do with one of my favorite beginning of the year activities.... Dry Erase Names!
I LOVE this name writing practice activity!  Its super easy to do.
*Download a tracer font (I use Trace font from Font Space)
*Type each of your kiddos first names on one word document
*Type last name on separate page
*Copy so that they are back to back (first name on one side, then first/last on back)
*Put in your red "where to start" dots for each letter in their name (This is a must!)

The kids LOVE practicing writing their name on these! I've found it really helpful to use the first few weeks of school when we are capital crazy and unsure of letter formation in our names.

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