September 2012 - Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

One of my favorite books I love to use in September to get our little heads geared up for letters and learning.

Love how our bulletin board came out this year. I think the mini lesson on drawing faces went really well... these came out adorable!



I just love this picture!  This is day 5 of kindergarten and they are FOCUSED!
It might have something to do with one of my favorite beginning of the year activities.... Dry Erase Names!
I LOVE this name writing practice activity!  Its super easy to do.
*Download a tracer font (I use Trace font from Font Space)
*Type each of your kiddos first names on one word document
*Type last name on separate page
*Copy so that they are back to back (first name on one side, then first/last on back)
*Put in your red "where to start" dots for each letter in their name (This is a must!)

The kids LOVE practicing writing their name on these! I've found it really helpful to use the first few weeks of school when we are capital crazy and unsure of letter formation in our names.



Ain't it grand?  There's nothing like a mother's love for her baby on their first day of kindergarten. We made these "Kissing Hand" projects for the kids to take home the first day.... and to make their mamas feel better about sending their babies off to the "big world." There's also nothing like getting into some paint on the first day of school! Thank goodness for my wonderful aide who has no fear! :)


There is also a note on the back of the paper that reads:
Dear Parents,
On the first day of kindergarten, we read the book
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  
It is a story about a little raccoon named Chester
who was anxious about leaving home and going to school.  
So his mother decided to share a "family secret" with him-
the "kissing hand".  
She gave him a kiss on his paw and told him
to press the kiss to his cheek whenever
he missed her.
We know that you, too, may be anxious
about your new Kindergartener going to
school for the first time.  So your child has
made a "kissing hand" for YOU.  
(Feel free to use as needed.)

First blog... I mean, day, jitters

Ready... Set... go! It's almost the start of another year. Another set of beginnings, first times, and brand new faces.   I'm sure all teachers wonder the same thing... who is more nervous, us or the kids?! My room is all ready, plans are all set... its time to go!

Play-doh waiting for little hands! :)

Greeting name chart (names on back side)

Some first week read alouds

Mailboxes and BEE folders ready!

Clips waiting for some glitter star stickers!

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